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SGA News!

Please support our drive to collect supplies for the Montgomery County Humane Society!

Visit our Community Service Comittee page for details! 

The SGA is pleased to announce that it has published its second newspaper. Visit the Newspaper Committee page to access!


1.   We promote school spirit and plan activities
2.  We provide service to the school and community
3. We help our community, locally and worldwide
4. We communicate the needs and ideas of the student body 
5.  We lead the way towards positive change

Why Should I Consider A Position in SGA?

- Turn your creative ideas into real-life activities
- Be the voice of the student body 
- Gain experience to help with future activities & clubs
- Gain leadership skills: 
- Learn how to delegate, negotiate, compromise, advocate,
        work as a team, organize, manage time, cooperate

SGA Coordinator

Mrs. Scanlan, Librarian

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